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Elite Equipment Australia comes with over 20 years experience in both commercial and residential scaffolding. We supply & install steel scaffolding equipment including alloy stair, voids/rails, ladders and hoists all at very competitive rates.

Our experienced and ticketed scaffolders supply quality services, starting from our obligation free quotes to completion. Ensuring you receive the best of attention at all times. This service will also include JSA’s and Handover Certificates. At present we have teams available to work in the Sydney Metro and surrounding area’s, including Central Coast and South Coast.

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Residential & Commercial
Elite Equipment Australia comes with over 20 years experience in both commercial and residential scaffolding.
We supply & install steel scaffolding equipment including alloy stair, voids/rails, ladders and hoists all at very competitive rates.
Safety Requirements
Under NSW OH&S Act & Regulations, there are 4 minimum Standard Safety Requirements which apply when using scaffolding:

1. Fall prevention
2. Safe working at heights
3. Protection from falling objects
4. Supply of compliant scaffolding

1. Fall prevention
A controller of premises must ensure that:
Safe access is provided to all parts of a place of work to which a person may require access and from which the person may fall.

2. Safe working at heights/Prevention of falls from heights
An employer must ensure risks associated with falls from a height are controlled by providing and maintaining the following:
A stable and securely fenced work platform (such as scaffolding or other form of portable work platform), that is capable of arresting the fall of a person from a height of more than 2 metres.

3. Protection from falling objects
An employer must ensure that risks associated with falling objects are controlled by:
Provision of safe means of raising and lowering plant, materials and debris in the place of work.
Provision of a secure physical barrier to prevent objects falling freely from buildings or structures in or in the vicinity of the place of work.

4. Supply of compliant scaffolding
An employer must ensure that:
A scaffold from which a person or object could fall more than 4 metres, and its supporting structure, is inspected by a competent person for compliance with this Regulation:
- Before its first use, and
- As soon as practicable, and before its next use, after an occurrence that might reasonably be expected to affect the stability or adequacy of the scaffold or its supporting structure, such as a severe storm or earthquake, and
- Before its use following repairs, and
- At intervals not exceeding 30 days.
We will arrange everything for you.
Elite Equipment will arrange the safe transportation of all scaffolding equipment with our pecialist contractors. They will deliver, install and remove scaffolding from your site as specified in your quote and on time. What are the benefits of using our specialist contractors? By using our scaffolding transport contractors, you will benefit from: Delivery to and from your site at agreed times. The option of having your own equipment transported to and from your site if required. The use of specifically designed Crane trucks for safe transportation of the scaffolding system. All staff and contractors trained in WorkCover OH&S practises
Project Management
We follow a proven methodology for managing each project individually to ensure that the solution is delivered to meet the needs of the customer.
Site Inspections
Why do you need a Site Inspection? Elite Equipment will conduct a Site Inspection at your property or building site once approval has been given on our quote and prior to delivery. The purpose of a Site Inspection is to ensure all aspects of a job are fully covered in our quote and the site will meet with our OH&S guidelines. What will you learn from a Site Inspection? Our Site Inspection will assess and provide information on the following: Choice of scaffolding system. Site accessibility for scaffolding installation. Delivery and pickup points. Site elevation. Proximity to neighbouring properties and possible hazards such as falling debris during excavation. Proximity to power and phone lines and the need for 'tiger tails'. Comparing plans to actual site. Safety requirements and compliance with OH&S. What happens to the information? On completion of the Site Inspection, a report will be issued and attached to your quote in our Records Management System. If any aspect of your job varies from the original quote, we will issue an updated quote for your approval.
Our team are fully qualified Elite Equipment has a team of qualified staff and specialist subcontractors, who can deliver, install and remove your scaffolding system. What are the benefits from using our installation service? The benefits you get from using our installation services include: Providing a site inspection to ensure you use the appropriate scaffolding system to suit your job requirements. Supervision of staff and sub-contractors by our Field Supervisors, ensuring compliance with all relevant WorkCover OH&S regulations. Advising you on the safety requirements for the type of scaffolding system you require for your site. Advising you of OH&S regulations for you or your employees, if you choose to install yourself.
Labour Management
Let Elite supply your labour needs, we employ our own staff and do not subcontract out to 3rd parties. All of our team receive extensive training and ongoing coaching on the latest equipment and safety processes.

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